Open Position:

Commercial Construction Superintendent

We are looking for a hard-working, dedicated commercial construction superintendent to join our growing team. We have current opportunities in Columbia, SC. The individual in this role will be responsible for meeting with Owners to assist with building needs, devising construction schedules and timelines, and overseeing subcontractors throughout the project. Candidates should have experience with project management and construction, as well as the ability to adhere to deadlines and budget restrictions.

Specific Responsibilities:

·Consult with building owners and tenants to determine build-out needs.

·Act as a mediator between Owner and subcontractors to devise mutually beneficial solutions.

·Draw up estimates for construction projects, including labor, materials, and other costs.

·Implement cost-effective solutions and project management techniques throughout project.

·Maintain daily log of build-out progress.

·Coordinate all construction project activities and services across construction team.

·Oversee a strict build-out schedule, ensuring milestones are reached and deadlines are met.

·Update team on construction progress throughout project.

·Perform walk through and after care instructions with Owner after project completion.

Requirements and Qualifications:

·5+ years’ experience in commercial construction preferred.

·2+ years’ experience as a construction superintendent preferred.

·Proficiency in Excel and PM software preferred

·Excellent interpersonal communication skills both verbal and written.

·Management skills, experience in team and project management are needed.

·Ability to work with and manage a large team of contractors and subcontractors seamlessly.

·Organized, thorough work ethic.

·Analytically and mathematically minded.

·Critical thinking and problem solver.

Job Type: Contract